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Does Your Kid’s Name Make Them More — or Less — Likely to Get Into Yale?

It’s hard enough choosing a name for your baby, knowing they’ll be living with it for the rest of their lives. But now we also have to worry about how likely they are to get into a certain college because of it! A new report by Gawker outlines which monikers are most popular with students accepted to Yale University, and how they compare to the most popular names in the country overall.

The site rounded up the top 25 boys’ and girls’ names for 1994 — the year current undergraduates would have been born — and compared them to the top 25 names for male and female Yale students. Some of the most popular boy names of 1994, like Brandon (No. 6 in ’94) and Anthony, didn’t even make the Yale list, whereas traditional names like Charles (No. 43 in ’94) and Peter (No. 87) are some of the school’s most common names for male students.

Popular girls’ names in ’94 had even less success with their Yale admissions. The No. 1 name in 1994 was Jessica and although that name did land on the Yale list, seven of the top 12 girls’ names in 1994 didn’t make the school’s cut. Yale did seem to snatch up female students with proper names Margaret (106th in ’94), Caroline (No. 94), Catherine (No. 84), Emma (No. 75), and Julia (No. 73).

So what does all of this mean? Well, folks who are dying to get their kids into Yale might want to consider some of the school’s favorite names for their future babies.

On the other hand Justins, who didn’t make the Yale cut either, aren’t suffering too much — right Biebs?

Source: Gawker

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03.6.2013 / 07:20 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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