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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump Is Scared of Dancing With The Stars! Will She Be Ready?

Lisa Vanderpump will soon be the first ever Real Housewife to appear on Dancing With The Stars, and apparently she’s a little nervous about it!

“I’d always wanted to do it, but it kind of scares me,” Lisa told Mario Lopez on Extra.

Lisa Vanderpump, scared of something? Why, we never!

“Clearly, it’s the most glamorous, gorgeous show on television,” Lisa said, even though she admits that running her businesses doesn’t leave much time for TV (which we totally believe have you seen what a handful the staff of her restaurant SUR can be?!).

So are her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates supportive of her new role?

“Some of them are,” Lisa said. “Say 50/50, let's put it that way. Some I haven’t heard from, some are really supportive.”

At least Lisa can always count on support from two very important people: Her DWTS partner, Gleb Savchenko, and husband Ken Todd.

“Not so bad, eh?” Lisa said of Gleb. “Kind of easy on the eyes.” Don’t worry, Gleb returned the compliment. “The way she looks, I’m already a winner!” he said.

Aww! And how is Lisa’s dancing is coming along?

“I'm looking for my rhythm,” Lisa admitted. “How can I not have rhythm with him? If I don't have it, I'm bloody well going to find it.”

Gleb is happy to help. “She laughs all the time, so I need to be very strict with her!” he said of their rehearsal time. The pair’s first number will be a ballroom routine, and from the looks of Lisa’s form, which she happily demonstrated with Mario, she’s going to be juuuust fine.

And what is husband Ken’s reaction to all this? “Oh, he's thrilled for me, getting up close and personal with a young, hunky guy,” Lisa joked. “I've got Gleb, he's got Giggy.”

Everybody wins!

Source: Extra

03.6.2013 / 06:11 AM EDT by Tiffany Wan
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