Selma Alameri: Sean Is Lying About What He Said to AshLee
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The Bachelor

Selma Alameri: Sean Is Lying About What He Said to AshLee

Selma Alameri was voted out of Bachelor Sean Lowe's chamber of Season 17 sexy secrets after she refused to partake in the Polar Plunge, and girlfriend finally got a chance to dish her feelings during The Bachelor “Women Tell All” special. Also, most of those feelings had to do with Tierra "SPARKLES!" LiCausi and her new engagement ring.

"Arie closed the night off by tweeting 'just remember, Tierra is engaged and we are single sleeping with our pets tonight'" Selma writes on Sulia. "Made me want to reevaluate my life! Thanks a lot Arie! I congratulate her tho.. At the end of the day, everybody deserves love!"

Awww, it's so sweet that Selma is rising above the drama — and we love that she quoted her rumored boyfriend,
Bachelorette runner-up Arie Luyendyk Jr.

In other news, Selma has some harsh words for Sean. First of all, she thinks he made a huge mistake ditching Desiree Hartsock. "Sean messed up!" Selma continues. "She was so perfect for him! She is so perfect period! I adore her and I know (personally) that she is just fine with what's happened! Strong woman!"

Second of all, Selma thinks Sean's pants are on fire. Get it? Because he's a liar. "I am a fair person, I don't take sides (ever) when someone is right, they are right (friend or not)... Sean lied and that's that!" she writes about AshLee Frazier and Sean's confrontation. "He looked like a liar. The daughter of a pastor is not gonna come out on national television in front of 'God all mighty' and lie to all his creations! End of story!"

Do you agree with Selma, or is she being slightly harsh with her ex-boyfriend? Either way, we're loving how feisty she is, not to mention her use of exclamation points.

Source: Sulia