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Jersey Shore

Snooki Goes Tanning For the First Time Since Getting Pregnant (VIDEO)

It’s amazing when you think of all the ways that Snooki has changed since becoming a mom. The former party girl traded in her shot glasses for baby bottles, and gave up cigarettes and alcohol once she learned she was pregnant.

Now that Lorenzo is here and all is well, Snooks has been taking some baby steps of her own. We’ve watched her try wine for the first time after nine long months, and even sneak in a cigarette — far away from Lorenzo, of course! — and now Snooki is trying out another past guidette habits for the first time.

In a bonus clip from the Feb. 26 episode of Snooki & JWOWW, the new mom talks to Jionni about going tanning for the first time in almost a year! In her super-careful mama meatball fashion, she asks if she’s allowed to hit the tanning booths after her nine-month tanning celibacy.

Snooki not tanning?! What is the world coming to? We know she’s been using spray-on since Jersey Shore Season 2, but it’s hard to imagine our favorite guidette not indulging in one of the things she loves the most — even if she gave it up for Lorenzo!

Are you surprised that Snooki hadn’t tanned in so long? Watch the video, and then sound off below!