Snooki Won’t Get a Boob Job Until She’s Finished Having Kids!
Credit: Snooki's Twitter    
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Snooki Won’t Get a Boob Job Until She’s Finished Having Kids!

Strip away all the glitz and gaudy glamour, and Snooki remains a naturally gorgeous woman. She recently underwent her first official “makeunder” for, and opened up in an interview about her latest desire — though it’s ironically the opposite of au naturel.

Though she’s “not one to get surgery”, Snooki revealed to xoVain that she’s “always wanted a boob job” after giving birth, as now her breasts “sag” when she takes off her bra and she hates it. When will she go under the knife? Snooks is planning on waiting until she’s finished having kids completely, and is using her girl JWOWW as inspiration.

“I love Jenni’s boobs, and I want boobs like that,” she explained. “And I think Jionni does too.” This isn’t the first time she’s looked up to JWOWW for boobspiration. In 2011, she said she wanted to go under the knife one day to look more like Jenni, and in 2012, Jenni confirmed Snooks would hopefully come with her when she gets her own redone.

Snooki even admitted that she’s “wanted fake boobs since [she] was, like, 10.” Wow, that’s pretty young to be wanting cosmetic surgery, though guidettes seem to live in a very image-conscious culture. We wonder how big she’ll end up getting them done, since Snooki already has sizeable breasts, and larger chests cause back pain for some women. Plus, she’s so tiny! We hope she does it as safely and healthily as possible, if and when the time comes!

What do you think of Snooki wanting new boobs and using JWOWW as boobspiration? Sound off below!