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American Idol

Who is Zoanette Johnson? American Idol 2013 Contestant Background Info

This year’s American Idol 2013 audition shows were decidedly tame in comparison to other years. No one had their pants on the ground, donned a banana suit, or hit on any of the judges (at least in a scary, “I need a restraining order” kind of way). So when hopeful Zoanette Johnson and her big -- ahem -- personality went in front of the judging panel, we all know we in for something...interesting.

Here’s the thing -- the alleged 19-year-old (twist our other leg, lady) decided to sing the national anthem in honor of Obama winning, and she was awful. And she forgot the lyrics. And she flashed her denim undies. And then she seemed to reprimand the POTUS, saying she’d be offended if she doesn’t get invited to the White House, as he “needs another Barbie in there.” Did we forget anything? And yet -- somehow -- some way, she still got that golden ticket. Did she have an unflattering photo of Mariah Carey? Something juicy on Nicki Minaj? We know Keith Urban is squeaky clean. So what gives?

In her Road to Hollywood video, Zoanette Johnson said she’s inspired by everyday life, and she’ll stand out because “I’m just different.” Ya don’t say! She went on to add, “There is a norm that people live by and I tend not to live by that norm.” As for her American Idol inspiration, she names Fantasia, and says many people even say she sounds just like her. Uh huh.

Not only did she make it to Hollywood Week, but Zoanette made it all the way to the Top 20 so far thanks to some crazy entertaining performances. The girl Nicki calls “Big Crazy Barb” (what?) caught everyone's attention with her Hollywood Week Round 4 performance, in which she performed an original song about the judges and even played the drums! And then she may have even topped that with her over-the-top "Circle of Life" performance during the Vegas rounds!

What did you think of Zoanette?


03.6.2013 / 07:02 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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