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American Idol

American Idol 2013: Devin Velez Naval Academy Classmates Cheer Him On

Between the outstanding female talent and the folks behind American Idol’s urge to break the WGWG (white guys with guitars) curse, it seems it’s definitely a girl’s year to win. However, the ladies are going to have to watch their backs when it comes to singer Devin Velez. His vocal talent and unique sound have attracted the eye of the judges since moment one.

During last week’s Las Vegas round, he sang Beyonce’s “Listen,” and astounded the judges with an incredible performance that was partly in Spanish. As Keith Urban said to Devin, “You walk out there and you can sing. You’ve got a voice, you made a connection with me from your voice.” Randy Jackson said, “I thought it was amazing.”

The judges aren’t the only ones watching out for this 18-year-old, soft spoken young man who headlines his school’s jazz band. Devin’s classmates at Rickover Naval Academy in the Edgewater area of Chicago are pulling for him. As Commandant Mike Tooker, an administrator at the school, says, “He’s a very popular student. Everyone, as far as I know, is watching.” The Commandant said it was touch-and-go last week when it came down to Devin and one other hopeful, calling it a “nail-biter.”

They’re cheering him on so much, he has a bit of a pass from school for the time being.

“He is basically out in Hollywood land until he’s done with however far he goes,” Commandant Tooker said. “It’s not every day you get that kind of exposure at an inner-city school.”

What do you think of Devin?


03.7.2013 / 08:33 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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