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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Semi-Finals Part 2 (VIDEOS)

Will it be a guy or a girl who wins American Idol 2013? Well, from what we saw during the ladies’ semi-finals round last night, the men are facing some seriously stiff competition this year on American Idol Season 12. We’ve been a predicting a girl to win all along, and the guys are really going to have to step it up if they want to prove us wrong!

With powerhouse guys like Curtis Finch, Jr., Devin Velez, and Burnell Taylor on tap tonight, we are eagerly hoping to see some big performances that might just make us doubt our female American Idol winner prediction. And maybe bring in some new viewers with some hot, viral performance videos, we can hope. We seem to be in the minority in still loving the show twelve seasons in, with ratings continuing to be rather horrifying this season. (Last night was the lowest rated Tuesday ever for Idol, according to our friends over at

To be honest, our favorite guys this season aren’t the masterful, perfect vocal artists. They are actually dark horse competitors Lazaro Arbos, Charlie Askewand Nick Boddington. None of them are likely to come out on top, and may not even make it to the Top 10, but we can’t help but love them anyway. Apparently the fans out there seem to love them as well, since they appear to be among the most popular contestants, at least here on our site anyway.

So which of the Top 10 guys will make it to the next round? After they perform tonight, it will be up to the voters to painfully squash the dreams of winningAmerican Idol 2013 for five of these amazing singers. And with the whole new ‘SuperVote’ feature, fans really have no excuse this year not to get their votes in to save their chosen contestants.

Ready to watch the Top 10 semi-finalist guys in action? Join us for our live American Idol recap starting right here, right now!

Host Ryan Seacrest starts off the night with his usual banter with the judges and an introduction of the Top 10 guys who will be performing tonight:

Charlie Askew
Curtis Finch, Jr.
Devin Velez
Elijah Liu
Paul Jolley
Burnell Taylor
Cortez Shaw
Lazaro Arbos
Nick Boddington
Vincent Powell

Now that all the fluff is out of the way, it’s time to move on to the most important part of tonight’s American Idol recap, the performances! Be sure to refresh this page often for the latest updates and performance videos live as quickly as we can get them up!

American Idol 2013: Elijah Liu - “Stay” by Rihanna

Judges: Keith Urban says he loves that Elijah did this song and it really suited his voice. “Really good control from you,” he says. “Really great start to the show.” Nicki Minaj says she would “be willing to stay” for Elijah. She says he is very marketable and she could see his picture on “blankets” and “cups” — and other odd items. Randy Jackson says he liked it more than he liked it last week. He thinks Elijah is very current and marketable. However, he thinks the song just “laid there flat” and never rose into second gear. Mariah Carey says she really likes the performance a lot and he was “confident and strong” throughout. “I think you could be very saleable... I really enjoyed you tonight.”

Our Rating: 3 out of 5

American Idol 2013: Cortez Shaw - “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars

Judges: Keith Urban wants to know how Cortez feels about the performance, and he says he feels pretty good about it. Keith says for him, he’s not sure this was really the best song for Cortez’s voice. Nicki Minaj says Cortez seems like he had his mojo back tonight and really enjoyed it and didn’t seem nervous. She says Elijah’s stylist needs to get ahold of him and sex him up some more. She liked his charisma, but sometimes thinks he sounds like he’s straining. Randy Jackson agrees that he does sound like he’s straining and he’s just not sure Cortez is there yet for this kind of song. He also agrees Cortez needs some more fly styling. Mariah Carey says she has really enjoyed his ballads. While it was positive to hear him do something more uptempo, she agrees with Randy that he should have maybe been down a half step or something so he could use more of his range.

Our Rating: 1.5 out of 5

American Idol 2013: Charlie Askew - “Mama” by Genesis

Judges: Keith Urban says if nothing else, the contestants have offered some diversity tonight. He says Charlie could front a band with his big range, but maybe that’s where he belongs right now. For Keith, he feels Charlie’s performance was just disconnected and disingenious. Nicki Minaj wants to know where her little baby is she wants to cuddle. She feels like someone stole her kid. She does not want to see his arms, his earring, does not want to see him working out. And please get rid of that mustache! Plus, she didn’t like the song or the performance either. Randy Jackson says it was terrible in the beginning, not too bad in the middle, and then all went bad at the end when he started screaming. Mariah Carey says it seems Charlie likes the classic rock songs, but maybe it’s just not right for him. Talking to Charlie after the performance, the poor boy is almost in tears talking about how he only smiles so much because things are so hard and he wanted to show a different side to himself.

Our Rating: 2 out of 5 (but only because we love him, this was a terrible song choice)

American Idol 2013: Nick Boddington - “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls

Judges: Keith Urban says there were some issues, he was nervous in certain spots, but it was beautiful tonight and he really feels it when Nick sings. Nicki Minaj says this is her favorite song of all time and she wishes he might have kept to the melody a bit more. She says it is good he went back to the piano and this performance was true to him. Randy Jackson says he doesn’t think it was Nick’s best performance, but he is happy Nick made the song his own. He thinks it was a good, solid performance. Mariah Carey was also happy to see Nick back at the piano. She says he really kicked in at the end and hopes the voters will consider all his performances.

Our Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (we liked it a lot better than the judges...)

American Idol 2013: Burnell Taylor - “I’m Here” from The Color Purple

Judges: Keith says Burnell’s voice is instantly recognizable and he has an incredibly strong signature sound. He loved it! Nicki Minaj wants to know what he changed up from the first time he performed the song on Idol. Burnell says he knows it was a risk to do it again and he highlighted a different part of the song. Nicki says the struggle and pain in his voice is undeniable and she really loves him. Randy Jackson says “you know I love you dawg” and Burnell captures a listener’s attention right from the start. He loves the song and is so happy he returned back to it. “Love you, love you, love you,” Randy says. Mariah Carey says Burnell did it again and it was a “tearful moment” for her. She was so happy to hear him do the song again and she’s so proud, so happy, and has so much love for him.

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 (we did not quite love it so much as the judges)

American Idol 2013: Paul Jolley - “Just a Fool” by Christina Aguilera

Judges: Keith wants to know what kind of Paul Jolley wants to be. He says he wants to be the male Taylor Swift. Keith says for him, Paul could “ease it in a little more” and not push so hard. In response to a question from Nicki, Keith says there were moments Paul was believable and moments he wasn’t. Nicki says Paul should listen to Keith because he knows what it is to be a real country star. She personally thinks it was a solid performance. Randy Jackson says the beginning of the song was amazing, but his voice changed when it got to the sweet spot and it wasn’t as enjoyable. He says Paul’s pitch also kind of fell apart at the end. Mariah Carey says she didn’t even realize Paul wanted to be pop-country until he said he wanted to be. She thinks if Paul needs to be a little theatrical because that’s part of who he is, well, the crowd enjoyed it and felt what he was giving.

Our Rating: 2.5 out of 5

American Idol 2013: Lazaro Arbos - “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

Judges: If the audience here tonight is a good indication of America’s vote, Keith says, they will be seeing more of him in the future. Keith says everyone in the theater just starts to connect with Lazaro when he starts singing. Nicki Minaj wants to know if Lazaro’s favorite color is pink, since he is wearing it again. He says yeah, shyly. She likes that he really put some attitude and his own spin on the song. Randy Jackson says Lazaro is — one of his favorite phrases — “in it to win it!” He says it was a great performance. Mariah Carey say it is always impressive how Lazaro throws himself into music no matter what he is dealing with or the adversity he has overcome. She says there is a place in his voice that isn’t quite as strong and this voice was maybe a bit too low for him in places.

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 (his best performance yet!)

American Idol 2013: Curtis Finch Jr. - “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly

Judges: Keith Urban says he believes Curtis really can fly! He thinks Curtis just oozes everything that is good and light and holy. That’s all he needs to say. Nicki Minaj says Curtis’ talent is given to him by a higher power. She says he has a calling to “bless people” and do good. She thinks people really need this kind of album right now because people are hurting and they need that from her. Randy Jackson says everyone should just say “praise god” right now. He thinks the competition started right here tonight. Mariah Carey says she wants to thank him for that performance. She says that’s what she needed right now at this moment in her life, she was touched. She says he’s been one of her favorites the whole time.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (we might have gone for a 4, but the judges were INSANE over this one.)

American Idol 2013: Devin Velez - “It’s Impossible”

Judges: Keith says he loves Devin, and Devin says “I love you too” right back. He thinks Devin was a little shaky right at the beginning but he found his zone. “You’re such a good, good singer,” Keith says. “You are so gifted!” Nicki says she thinks Keith likes Devin and she thought it was “perfecto” and some other Spanglish before running out of words. She thinks he is stepping into his own and he feels very real and very believable. She calls him a “Spanish Ken doll” and loves the whole performance. Randy Jackson says “this kid is effortless” and he’s young, mad, cool. And, kind of handsome, just like he is. “I love this guy,” Randy says. Mariah Carey says “that performance was incredible” and she loved it. “I love how you can jump between genres and languages.” She feels he has potential to reach an international audience.

Our Rating: 3 out of 5 (you can't pull the dual language thing every time you need a boost in support...)

American Idol 2013: Vincent Powell - “End of the Road” by Boyz to Men

Judges: Keith says he has to make it quick, but tonight “nerves got on top of your talent” and they got the better of him. Nicki Minaj says she loves the song but his voice just didn’t come alive in this song. Randy Jackson says it wasn’t his best performance but it was still good. He thinks Vincent is still one of the greatest singers in the competition and he hopes America will see it. Mariah Carey says there were moments of brilliance in the song and she hopes the voters will agree.

Our Rating: 2 out of 5 (they put a bad performance in the pimp spot... that’s different.)

Vote now!

Elijah Liu: 1-866-436-5701
(AT&T customers can text “VOTE” to 5701)

Cortez Shaw: 1-866-436-5702
(AT&T customers can text “VOTE” to 5702)

Charlie Askew: 1-866-436-5703
(AT&T customers can text “VOTE” to 5703)

Nick Boddington: 1-866-436-5704
(AT&T customers can text “VOTE” to 5704)

Burnell Taylor: 1-866-436-5705
(AT&T customers can text “VOTE” to 5705)

Paul Jolley: 1-866-436-5706
(AT&T customers can text “VOTE” to 5706)

Lazaro Arbos: 1-866-436-5707
(AT&T customers can text “VOTE” to 5707)

Curtis Finch Jr.: 1-866-436-5708
(AT&T customers can text “VOTE” to 5708)

Devin Velez: 1-866-436-5709
(AT&T customers can text “VOTE” to 5709)

Vincent Powell: 1-866-436-5710
(AT&T customers can text “VOTE” to 5710)

You can also vote for your favorite Season 12 singers online over at the American Idol website.

That’s it for our American Idol 2013 recap of the semi-finals round 2. Join us here tomorrow for the first live voting elimination results and find out who makes the Season 12 Top 10!

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