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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 22 Burning Questions: Is Toby Alive?

We love all of Pretty Little Liars’ constant thrills and surprises, but at the end of every episode, it always seems as though we have more questions than answers, which was especially true after the most recent episode. Is Toby alive? Is Jason dead? Will Spencer join the “A” team? (See what we mean?)

To that end, we’ve tackled the 10 biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to figure out what’s really going on in Rosewood and to pick up on any and all clues.

Here are 10 questions from Season 3, Episode 22: “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”

1. Does Ali’s prediction of her death mean she has a twin?
Ali tells Spencer she’ll need her diary after she dies, meaning Ali’s prediction about dying soon was surprisingly accurate. So did Ali know about people plotting to kill her because she saw Ian’s videos or is this a hint that she faked her own death and is still alive? Or maybe she was planning to kill her twin and then make it seem like she herself died. That Ali is always up to something.

2. Who is the Radley employee who’s up to no good?
Eddie Lamb says a Radley staff member got in trouble for messing with the visitor passes so who was it? Two people who have worked there are Wren and Dr. Sullivan, and both have been suspicious of late. Mona thanked Dr. Sullivan recently for all her help, and of course Mona and Wren have been chummy. Radley’s HR department needs to raise the bar on who they hire.

3. Why does Wilden need his car?
Wilden is alive and really wants his car, suggesting he has something important in there. Might he have NAT videos in his car? Or maybe there’s a body in the trunk perhaps CeCe or Jason? In fact, we’re wondering if someone in the trunk may have caused the brake lights to go on when the car got pushed into the lake. We’ll miss you, Trunk Person.

4. Is Spencer joining the “A” team?
Spencer sees the faces of the other Liars in Radley at the end of the episode, which might mean she’s joining the “A” team and is feeling guilty for betraying them. But is she really joining up with Mona’s side or might Spencer in fact work with the “A” team but only to destroy it? Either way, it was pretty harsh of Aria to call poor Spence the weakest link.

5. How long was Ali faking her pregnancy?
This show has already had one sham pregnancy (hello, Melissa) and now it appears there’s one more, as Ali thought she was pregnant but wasn’t. So we’re wondering how long Ali kept this ruse going and how much CeCe knew. Maybe CeCe was lying when she told Emily that Wilden may have killed Ali for getting pregnant. Is CeCe trying to get Wilden to take the fall? Why must you always toy with us, CeCe?

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6. Is Ted in cahoots with Wilden?
We’ve long suspected Ashley’s boyfriend, Ted, and Wilden are working together, especially earlier this season when Ted had the thumb drive and appeared to be trying to get a confession out of Hanna. Now, Ted is behaving similarly as he wants Ashley to talk about what happened between her and Wilden that’s making her skip town. Do your own dirty work, Wilden.

7. Is Toby alive — meaning Jason is dead?
We’re basically certain Toby has not yet gone off to the great construction site in the sky. In fact, Mona’s comment about not having killed Toby seems genuine. Does this mean it was Jason’s body in the woods, since we know he and Mona had been spending a lot of time together lately? Perhaps the wound on Jason’s side was the least of his worries. And if that was Jason’s body, then prepare for Spence to get a whole lot crazier.

8. Did Toby’s mom know Wren’s dad?
Eddie Lamb suggests that Toby’s mom spent time at Radley years ago, which makes us wonder if she might have known Wren’s dad, who has also been institutionalized with schizophrenia. Perhaps this means Wren and Toby have a lifelong bond, and maybe Wren is on the “A” team, too. It’s hard to picture them as pals, but you never know.

9. What’s going on with Paige and Shana?
We now don’t know what Paige and Shana are up to, since we’ve learned that Paige apparently never mentioned to Emily that Shana is a swimmer. Does this mean Paige and Shana weren’t as close as Paige said they were? Or does Paige have some kind of double life she’s living — meaning she’s on the “A” team? Looks like Emily’s bad luck with love continues.

10. Is this the end of Ezria?
Byron and Ella seem convinced they’ll be able to break up Ezra and Aria by bringing Ezra closer to his son. So will this work, especially now that Ezra and Aria are going to have to go back to downplaying their relationship at school? We wouldn’t be surprised if the two break up during the season finale, but somehow they always find a way to patch things up eventually.

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