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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Yolanda Foster Hints at Tension With Kim Richards

Yolanda Foster comes off as the strong and silent type on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but her Bravo blogs always have much to say.

In Season 3, Episode 16, Yolanda spent a good chunk of her time helping Kim Richards through some difficulties in Paris — apparently with little thanks.

Though Yolanda defended Kim when Lisa Vanderpump suggested that the recovering alcoholic’s fatigue and confusion were the result of sleeping pills, Yolanda doesn’t seem to think her help was appreciated.

“I tried to be a good friend and support her but all was forgotten once we were back in LA. Funny how quickly some people can forget sincere acts of kindness,” Yolanda wrote in her blog.

Yolanda also had some tough love for Kyle Richards regarding her friendship with Lisa:

“At this point, Lisa has been let down by Kyle so many times that the truth is that at some point you stop caring. . .What is so hard to understand? Let's move on already and accept the fact that their relationship has changed; obviously they still love each other... But things have changed and yes Brandi did take her place, but so what? There are many different shapes of friendships to be had.”

As for her relationship with Kim moving forward, Yolanda cryptically hints at some future tensions between the two:

“Unfortunately, the love and time I put into Kim on this wonderful trip to Paris was soon forgotten once back in LA as the reality of the story was changed. Thank god I can go to sleep at night knowing I live my life with great integrity and like I have to remind myself, we sometimes can't be best friends with everyone.”

We can’t wait until next week to see what has Yolanda so ticked off!

Source: Yolanda Foster’s Bravo Blog