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Robert Pattinson Wants Break From Kristen Stewart, Stopped Texting Her: Report

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have reportedly been about 8,000 miles apart for 50 days and counting.

Yes, counting. There's a countdown.

In Touch Weekly has a new Robsten story out, and it seems to be in keeping with the idea that Kristen is chasing this relationship while Rob withdraws down in Australia, where he's filming The Rover. We've heard that one before, but we also read an E! News story that said the two talk regularly and text each other daily. "She is counting down the minutes until he is home," that report said, and he feels the same way, although he also wants to focus on his work.

According to the new In Touch story, a friend of the couple said, “Rob doesn’t want [Kristen] to visit. He felt like they needed space. He wants a break.” The friend also suggests KStew has been too clingy. “She was calling and texting him constantly — if he didn’t respond she would fly off the handle. So he just stopped responding.” Maybe she just had too much time on her hands? Some people just text too much when they're bored. Ignoring them isn't that personal.

Anyway, do you buy this? Does it change your Robsten view at all, or do you think they are still fine and just doing what celeb couples do all the time when one is off shooting a movie and the other one is hobbling on crutches at the Oscars?

Source: In Touch Weekly