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American Idol

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough Wedding Rumors Dodged by Idol Host

Apparently, if you try to ask Ryan Seacrest about his relationship to Julianne Hough, then Seacrest will be out.

The American Idol host was asked by the Associated Press on March 1 whether he and girlfriend Julianne might be getting married in the near future, but Ryan didn't appreciate the topic of conversation.

The reporter had asked Ryan point-blank, “Are you getting married?”

Ryan responded by playfully engaging in some "Are you?" banter, but then Ryan quickly put an end to the discussion.

The chat took place during promotion for "Idol Across America," in which the microphone will be relayed across the country a la the Olympic torch.

So what happens if someone accidentally gets slippery fingers and drops the mic?

“I’m sure there’s one in a holster standing by if it breaks," Ryan said.

That's Ryan for you always prepared with an extra microphone.

Source: Associated Press