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The Bachelor

Bachelor Sean Lowe on His Final Choice: “You’re Going to Be Shocked!”

On next week’s finale of The Bachelor Season 17, Sean Lowe has to make his most difficult choice to date: which gray henley will he wear when he proposes to either Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter in the finale? We’ve seen some seriously dramatic moments on the show this go-around, and we’re dreading letting either of the girls (or henleys) go in the end. And because every other talk show host in the world must’ve been busy, Sean stopped by Extra on March 6 to chat with Mario Lopez about his choice.

“You’re going to be shocked,” Sean tells Mario (why?) of the choice he makes in the end of days. Like, “you told me you loved only me” shocked or “Tierra is crazy” shocked? Well, explains Sean of his tough choice, “You’ll see me go back and forth, back and forth, which one’s for me? And in the end it’s a shock.” Right. Like you said. A shock. We got that. Way to use the buzzword twice for impact, though.

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So, how hard was the choice, on a scale of “letting Tierra go” to “Sean in the Fantasy Suites”? “Not as difficult as you might think,” Sean explains. “[T]he final week was excruciating for me, but there comes a time when I have clarity and it all makes sense and it’s a beautiful thing.”

What made the final choice in the end to choose these girls over AshLee was easy though. “I just had more laughter” with Catherine and Lindsay, the Bachelor explains. No shit, dude. Well, no matter who he chooses, it seems like Sean is all set to repetitively repeat his reasoning to every tight-shirted dude with a microphone. So, yay.

Source: Extra