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Survivor Season 26 Episode 5 Preview: Brandon Goes Crazy — Scary Crazy

"Brandon Goes Crazy" may sound redundant, considering this is Brandon Hantz, but next week — on Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites Episode 5 — Brandon may finally have the meltdown he's been working toward for two seasons.

He already proved himself unstable on Survivor South Pacific and he doesn't seem to have tamed that inner beast. Cochran compared him to a sociopath because he can go from murderous rage to sweetness from one moment to the next. He's already threatened to pee in the rice (and beans) if things don't go his way, and in the new promo for the March 13 episode, we see Brandon knock over the rice and have a fit, as tearful Brenda and Andrea hold each other, Dawn tries to calm him down, and poor Malcolm probably regrets ever signing up for back-to-back seasons.

As Jeff Probst puts it in his voice-over: "Every season there is one moment that no one will ever forget." And apparently that moment for Season 26 is Brandon having a tantrum.

Watch the preview below.

When he shouts "Now vote me off, bitch!" is that Phillip Sheppard he's yelling at? It looks like Phillip's back walking away. So maybe it's crazy vs. crazy. Sigh. Is there any chance for sanity to be restored this season? Some of us actually watch Survivor for the gameplay, not the reality TV drama.

UPDATE: In another promo, it looks like Brandon vs. Phillip during an immunity challenge. They shout fourth-grade insults at each other. Then Jeff — who has his hands on Brandon's shoulders, for some reason — says "We're having tribal council right now." So ... expect the "favorites" to vote out Brandon right then and there.

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03.7.2013 / 06:43 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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