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Tate Donovan Slams The OC Co-Star Mischa Barton: She’s a “Ding-Dong”

Tate Donovan is like, "California Smack-talk, here we come."

The Deception star appeared on Watch What Happens Live on March 6, where he called out his former The OC co-star Mischa Barton for her diva-like behavior and then proceeded to throw the rest of the young cast under the bus as well, according to Radar Online.

A caller asked Tate who was the "biggest diva" on the show, and Tate paused, at which point host Andy Cohen exclaimed, "Mischa!"

It didn't then take long for Tate to agree.

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“Definitely Mischa," he revealed. "She was pretty, um... yeah…”

When Andy claimed Mischa had a "terrible reputation," Tate confirmed it.

“Yeah, she, um... They all started out great," Tate said about the show's other young co-stars, including Adam Brody, Ben McKenzie, and Rachel Bilson. "The first year, those kids were fantastic, and then, they just … all of them just fell apart." Harsh!

Andy then admitted to not having heard anything about Mischa's "terrible reputation," but that he had heard there was drama surrounding the show.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was tough," Tate said. "Those kids became … I’ve seen them since, and they’re like, 'Whoa, I’m really sorry.'"

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Struggling to find the right words, Tate said, "Anyone in that situation… When I was starting out… When you first get fame, you get so insecure … that you just become a ding-dong … you just have to… and they did, but they’re maturing."

Tate, stop you're ruining Chrismukkah for us!

"They’re working, and not working," he adds. "They’re learning their lessons." Wait so not only did he call them out on their behavior, but now he's dissing their post-show careers? Ouch.

Come to think of it, the only one who doesn't have a steady gig besides Mishca Barton is Adam Brody since Rachel is on Hart of Dixie and Ben is on Southland. So is Tate calling out Adam the most? Hmmm.

Besides playing Marisa's dad Jimmy Cooper on The OC, Tate is known for roles on Damages and Friends, along with having directed episodes of shows like Glee and Gossip Girl.

Mischa's career has been the most disappointing of any of The OC cast, as she has virtually disappeared from the acting world since leaving the show prematurely in 2006.

Long story short: Don't mess with Tate Donovan.

Source: Radar Online

03.7.2013 / 08:26 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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