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The Bachelor

Who Does Tierra LiCausi Think Sean Lowe Should Pick?

Tierra LiCausi got a super bad rap the whole run of The Bachelor Season 17, but as we’re nearing the finale, we’re turning to her forehead crease (RIP) to predict the next winner of the show. After all, she has an opinion on everything, and now that “cougar” AshLee Frazier has been cut and quartered, we’re sure she has strong feelings about everything on who Sean Lowe should pick to be his bride. Tierra spoke with OK! about her thoughts on the matter.

So, what does she have to say? Does she think Lindsay Yenter’s playful attitude is a decent substitute for her own infamous “sparkle”? Is Catherine Giudici’s mature and drama-free nature the yin to Tierra’s yang? She spent weeks with the two ladies, and had such great bonding moments with both — whether it was mean-mugging Catherine by a fire, or giving Lindsay stink-eye, we’re sure they’ve formed a bond unlike any other.

Credit: ABC    

So, what did this season’s most entertaining lady have to say? “Whoever Sean is happy with that’s all that matters and of course she needs to be happy too.” Aw, that’s surprisingly sweet. But which girl makes the grade? “Whichever one he picks will be the right one for him so I’m not going to say who I think is better because I really don’t know them or their connection with Sean.”

Aw, just the confusingly vague girl we remember, with the perfect touch of “You don’t know me, bitches,” thrown in. Classic Tierra.

Source: OK! Magazine