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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013: AshLee Frazier Is “So Over” Sean Lowe!

AshLee Frazier had us jaw-dropping all over the place when she confronted Bachelor Sean Lowe during the “Women Tell All” special and accused him of being a three-timing liar. The poor dude was so confused that he could barely speak, and Chris Harrison was too high on candlelight to come to his defense.

This is a classic "he-said, she-said" moment, but everyone's favorite radio personality, Billy Bush, seems to think Sean is a major player! "How did we do with @seanlowe09 ?" Billy tweeted. "#thebachelor is a good guy. I do my believe he hoodwinked Ashlee."

Okay, first of all this sentence makes almost zero grammatical sense, but we forgive Billy. Mostly because AshLee herself was able to decode his musings and come up with a response! "Hahaha! He's a good guy..." AshLee tweeted to Billy. "he was probably just caught up in the romantic bachelor evening #SoOverIt #SoNotMad xoxo."

We're so glad that AshLee is ready to forgive and forget! Who knows? Maybe she and Sean will put their differences aside and become friends without bennies. After all, they both live in Texas, they're both buds with the Man Upstairs, and they both love binge-eating armadillo. Oh, wait. That's just Sean.

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