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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013: Who Should Sean Lowe Pick — Catherine or Lindsay?

When you have abs like Marky Mark and moves like someone’s dad, it’s gotta be hard to pick a girl to spend the rest of your life with. But Bachelor Sean Lowe has been showing great wisdom (other than the whole Tierra fiasco) in whittling his lady loves down to two very special choices: Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter. But while we care what Sean thinks every Monday night from 8-10pm, all the other hours of the week, we only care what you think.

So, let’s all pretend for a minute that we are Sean’s crying mom in Thailand and convince him that he should choose the right daughter-in-law for us. Confused? Yeah, us too. Moving on. We thought that on this lovely afternoon (we don’t know where you are, but our office is a nice balmy 94 degrees right now with zero chance of not smelling bad), we could do an informal poll on Sean’s future. Namely, who do you think he should end up with?

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On one hand, there’s Catherine. The Filipino-Swiss-German Seattle-based graphic designer has shown herself to be consistently level-headed, goofy, and totally into Sean. Although her sisters brought up her messiness and possible uncertainty about putting a relationship before her career (how novel), Sean and Catherine seem to have a really great connection.

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But then there’s Lindsay. The army brat substitute teacher has moved up the ranks (military joke. Now drop and give us ten) since she terrified delighted Sean by showing up the first night in a wedding dress. Her family seems chill, she once told Sean she “had nothing going on and would drop everything to move and be with him” (which some guys like), and she has a spunky sense of humor that he seems to get (sometimes).

So, the choice is yours, ladies and gentlemen. If you got to pick the girl for Sean, who would it be? Weigh in below and defend your choice in the comments section. And for all of you who already know how it ends, please don’t spoil it for the purists. Kthanksbye.

I can't believe the season is over!

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