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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison: Sean Lowe and Bachelor Winner “Definitely Still Happy”

Forget those Emily Maynard affair rumors! To hear Bachelor host Chris Harrison tell it, Bachelor Sean Lowe and the lucky lady who wins his heart in this Monday's finale are still over the moon, telling E! that Sean is “definitely still happy.”

What else is Sean happy about? The fact that Lindsay and Catherine were his final two. “I think he aspires and hopes and looks to have something like [final four contestant AshLee] represents — I think that's what his parents have,” Chris speculates.

“But I also think that, in the end, he realized he's just not there yet, and she's a little more mature and a little further along than he is. Catherine and Lindsay are a little younger at heart and more fancy-free, where he can think, ‘OK, that's a little more me right now.’”

As for Sean’s ultimate choice, the consummate host reveals that he had no idea whom Sean would pick around the time of the hometown dates but was 100% sure about the eventual winner going into the finale. (What a tease!)

Chris also takes an opportunity to praise Sean’s moral fiber. “If he would have been a playboy, it would have been a different season. [...] It's just not in him, and that made things interesting and very real.”

Source: E! Online