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Which Reality Star Thinks She’s the Next Marilyn Monroe? (VIDEO)

While Marilyn Monroe is remembered for her timeless beauty and Hollywood glamour, her life was tragically cut short at age 36 after a long battle with her inner demons. Hollywood’s “Golden Girl” led an excessively publicized life, and many speculate that if she lived today, she might have been a reality starlet in addition to an actress and singer.

But since she isn’t around, one outrageous reality star is dubbing herself “the next Marilyn Monroe,” looking back to Marilyn’s pin-up days for beauty inspiration from iconic, beautiful women. The star claims that her resemblance to stars like Marilyn and Brigitte Bardot is not just skin deep, but in a shared “old soul” (even though she’s very young) and love of being glamorous and flirty.

But who is this mystery girl? Courtney Stodden, of course!

Credit: Twitter    

While Courtney rose to fame after her highly controversial underage marriage to actor Doug Hutchinson — she married a 52-year-old when she was just 16!she is doing her best to remain in the spotlight by gracing the red carpet with provocative outfits, releasing pop music, and promoting herself through photoshoots and appearances in hopes to become Hollywood’s new “It Girl.”

In the video below, Courtney explains that she feels “iconic” and able to connect with the “old souls” of Hollywood because she married young and considers herself equally fun and glamorous

We hope Courtney doesn’t go down the tragic road of Marilyn Monroe, though we can see why the busty blonde may look up to her.

Do you think Courtney is anything like Marilyn Monroe and the stars of old Hollywood? Watch the video, and then let us know below!