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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 3 Spoilers: Showrunners Think They Pulled Off THAT Scene

Do you know what scene they mean? We immediately had one in mind but ... what if they meant something else? Anyway, keep reading and then we'll speculate about it.

Game of Thrones Season 3 is starting on Sunday, March 31 on HBO. Show co-creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss talked to Mother Jones about making the show, and how Season 3 compares to the first two seasons. "It's definitely the scopiest," they said. "We're shooting in five countries, with three units and a larger cast than we've ever had before. It's not DeMille — but then, DeMille didn't have VFX crowd replication, did he?"

They were asked which characters they most relate to. "Theon Greyjoy," David Benioff said, "especially as interpreted by Alfie Allen. In some ways he's the most complicated character in a story crammed with complicated characters. He's scared and lonely and insecure and masks those vulnerabilities with bravado and contempt and arrogance. He reminds me of real 25-year-olds I've known. Okay, he reminds me of the real 25-year-old I was. Aside from the child-murdering bit." (What about the adult murdering?) D.B. Weiss added, "Everyone starts the season as a Tyrion, but by the end of production, we're all Hodors."

Which new characters and actors are they most eager for fans to experience? They answered, "Tough call, but if we had to pick one we'd say Dame Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell. We expected her to be great, but she was better than that." Yes, the Queen of Thorns should be a great treat.

At one point, Mother Jones asked the co-creators, "You guys told one interviewer you were dying to get to Book 3 of the series because there's a scene that, were you able to pull it off, would basically make your lives meaningful. How'd it go?" They answered, "We think we pulled it off, but the jury is still out on life."

Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO    

Stop reading if you aren't familiar with George R.R. Martin's book, A Storm of Swords.

At first we thought they meant the Red Wedding. Of course, right? But ... what if they meant Daenerys siccing one of her dragons and her new Unsullied on the Astapor slavers? Or maybe they meant Jaime's sword hand, or, you know, The Lord's Kiss, between Jon and Ygritte, since this show has no qualms about the sexy stuff? Or Sansa's awkward wedding to Tyrion? But they probably meant RW. Are you excited to see that play out, or dreading it? Both?


Season 3 episode titles have been revealed. Check them out here to get a feel for what we should be seeing in the 10-episode run that starts in just a couple of weeks.

Source: Mother Jones

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