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Glee Spoiler: Lea Michele Reveals Santana’s Sexy New Job

When Glee’s Santana (Naya Rivera) showed up at the Bushwick loft of high school frenemies Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele), we were initially too excited to ask all the logical questions like “what is she going to do to help pay the rent?” However, now that we’ve had a few weeks to mull it over, we are definitely curious what Santana will do with herself in the Big Apple.

Thankfully, Lea Michele provided some answers during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She’s just generous like that.

And if you thought Santana would just take some boring old job at Starbucks, then you must be new here. We can imagine Santana the Barista about as easily as we could see Kurt the Longshoreman. No, whatever Santana does, it’d have to be exciting, sexy, and put her talents to use. Like, say, dancing on top of a bar and slinging booze.

That’s right — Santana’s gonna be a Coyote at NYC’s famed cowgirl saloon, Coyote Ugly! Lea let this juicy tidbit slip when she discussed the future of the show with THR:

“Everything that we've done so far, whether it was going from a small glee club to a successful glee club to a glee club performing at a competition in New York City to being a glee club and also exploring characters in New York City, sometimes you just have a gut feeling as to what will work on a show and I had a gut feeling that you wanted to see these characters in New York. To see Santana working at Coyote Ugly, Kurt at Vogue, Rachel walking near Washington Square.”

So far we have see Kurt at Vogue and Rachel walking near Washington Square, but we have not seen a cowboy-boot-clad Santana two-stepping on a beer-soaked bar... at least not yet!

We have considered the fact that she’s a little too young to work at a bar, but as revealed in Season 4, Episode 14: “I Do,” Santana has a passable fake ID. So, we guess this means that — on paper at least — it’s actually “Rosario Cruz” who will be working at Coyote Ugly!

Are you excited about Santana’s sexy new profession?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

03.8.2013 / 01:09 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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