Snooki Reveals How Often She and Fiancé Jionni Have Sex, Post-Baby
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Snooki Reveals How Often She and Fiancé Jionni Have Sex, Post-Baby

Snooki has always been known for being an outspoken woman, never afraid to speak what’s on her mind or get embarrassed on-camera. During her filmed hookups on Jersey Shore, she never felt awkward, and has been pretty open about her sex life with fiancé Jionni on Snooki & JWOWW.

When asked in an interview with xoJane about how her sex life was affected after giving birth, Snooki shared that she and Jionni “still try to have sex a lot... but it’s definitely different after the baby.”

Never one to spare us the details, Snooks revealed that it now “hurts a little bit” after “[pushing] something out of there.” Ouch, we hope things get better (and pain-free) for her! Still, she tries to maintain a sex life with her hubby-to-be, as she feels it’s an important aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship. Living in Jionni’s family’s basement has its perks, as the couple can “always bring the baby upstairs and have his grandmother watch him” when they need alone time. It’s especially important these days since they bickered a lot after Lorenzo’s birth, so now she and Jionni make sure they always have time for each other.

Snooki also answered if she’s hornier post-pregnancy with a definite “no,” claiming she was “worse before” she became a mom. “Sometimes I just get so tired with the baby that I have no energy to have sex, and I don’t even want to touch Jionni,” she admitted. “Definitely before I was a lot hornier.”

Well, either way, we’re just glad the couple is happy, and luckily, Snooks isn’t on the prowl like she was during her Jersey Shore days!

Do you like hearing intimate details about Snooki’s sex life, or is this TMI? Sound off below!

Source: xoJane