Catelynn Lowell Talks Exotic Honeymoon Plans!
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Teen Mom

Catelynn Lowell Talks Exotic Honeymoon Plans!

Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell is a Michigan gal, born and bred. But while she’s busy planning her dream wedding to stud Tyler Baltierra, she’s also busy picking out exotic honeymoon locations far away from Lake Erie.

Won't be going to any of these places on our Honeymoon!#Honeymoon #Wedding #WhereToGo?” she tweeted with a link to dangerous vacation destinations.

And though the site listed 20 risky vacation spots, Catelynn actually found several to be appealing.

New Zealand and Australia look like really cool places to visit! Extreme sports don't scare us! #bungeejumping,” she wrote.

This makes sense considering current fiancé Tyler Baltierra worships Our Lord and Savior Batman. In case you don’t stalk Ty the way we do, the studly groom-to-be has a giant Batman tattoo on his back, permanently expressing his love of the superhero.

So we can certainly picture these two swinging around on a bungee cord in New Zealand or some other exotic locale, superhero-style.

Plus, Cate will want to show off her rockin’ new body post-weight loss! Homegirl has dropped mad pounds, and we’re ready to see her flaunt it in a teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini!

Where should Catelynn and Tyler honeymoon? Share your ideas in the comments below!