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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Chelsea Handler Calls Real Housewives “Sick” — To Andy Cohen’s Face!

Comedian Chelsea Handler stopped by the Bravo Clubhouse on March 5 for an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, and even though host Andy Cohen may have been prepared for Chelsea’s strong opinions (like her Taylor Swift virgin theory), things got downright awkward when the late night host blasted Bravo’s staple franchise, The Real Housewives!

Talking about Housewives, Chelsea candidly dished, “I think it’s sick. I know that people are watching the show and they watch Bravo, but I think that franchise is kind of a terrible thing. Women shouldn’t be making money off of the fact that they have fake boobs, a fake vagina, fake whatever. I actually don’t support that.”

And even though Chelsea is known for her quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor, we don’t think her hatred of the H’wives was fake.

When Andy mentioned that Chelsea has had several Housewives on her show, she denied it, saying, “No I have not, I’ve had one,” later claiming that recent guest NeNe Leakes doesn’t count because she was booked by guest host Ross Mathews.

We’re not gonna lie — the exchange got a bit awkward, but just wait until you see how Andy tries to defuse the tension. Check out the complete clip, and then share your thoughts below!