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Nashville Spoilers: Gossip Girl Star to Play Deacon’s New Love Interest!

Spotted, getting down in the not-quite-dirty South: one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the small screen on Gossip Girl. That’s right, folks. According to TVLine, one of our favorite Nashville duos is about to get derailed thanks to the arrival of a woman we’ve come to know well over the years: Susan Misner.

The actress, who played Dan Humphrey's mother on Gossip Girl will be showing up soon in Music City — and stirring up feelings in none other than Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten)!

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Series creator Callie Khouri talks about Susan’s character, saying that the music outsider will cause a major rift between Deacon and will-they-won’t-they pal Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton). “For the first time, he’s interested in somebody who is very unlike Rayna and very unlike Juliette,” she spills. “It’s the first time we see him with a person that you go, ‘Wow, so that’s what his life would be like if he wasn’t the guitar player to the stars.’”

Susan’s character, Stacey is a veterinarian who will stick around for “several episodes” this season, causing Deacon to question everything about what he wants and who he wants to be with in the end.

Source: TVLine