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The Bachelorette

Which Bachelor Nation Cutie Had to Be Rescued By the Fire Department?

If your first response was “Tierra LiCausi,” we’re going to have to get back to you, because it’s entirely possible that she also had a harrowing experience last night. But for today, the person we’re talking about tweeted that he had to be rescued by the fire department after being in a pretty scary sitch for a few hours. And before you ask, no, it wasn’t a Bachelor Pad-style hot tub party gone awry and he wasn’t bleeding out from rose thorn-induced stab wounds.

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On March 7, one of our favorite dudes ever, Bachelorette Season 6 funny man Craig Robinson, tweetedSooo for an update on my night, I'm stuck in an elevator.” As crappy a way as that is to spend a Thursday evening, we can think of worse people to be stuck with in an enclosed space (aw, we’re sweet, we know).

Not to worry, though, a bit later,
Jackie Gordon’s ex gave us the assurance we need to sleep at night, sayingOk, so the fire department just rescued us. CC elevator buddies @eskwired and an asian girl named anh.” And then, high on elevator fumes, he tweeted again “I survived the elevator scare...”

We’re sure it’s only a matter of times until he uses that story to pick up chicks at the bar. But FYI Craig, a little exaggeration wouldn’t hurt...

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03.9.2013 / 12:46 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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