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Glee Spoiler: Finn and Brody Scene Coming — Dean Geyer Loved It!

Breaking news, Glee freaks and geeks. Rachel Berry's (Lea Michele) lover boys will be appearing in a scene together this season, and their hang session promises to be all kinds of dramatic.

In fact, when Dean Geyer (Brody) was asked what his favorite scene of the season is, he answered "one of the scenes you guys haven't seen yet.. Shot it with @CoryMonteith [Finn] .. So cool to film."

Ummm, we're so worried. In case you've forgotten (or thrown yourself into a pit of denial), Rachel is currently knocked up with either Finn or Brody's baby. Oh, and to make matters worse, she is still in love with Finn — but currently living with Brody, who may or may not be a male prostitute. So, yeah. There's a lot for these bros to talk about.

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Of course, Brody currently lives in New York City, and Finn is chillin' like a villain' at McKinley High, so we're not entirely sure how their scene comes about. Is it possible that Finn flies to NYC to chat with Rachel about their rendez-do, and then comes face-to-face with Brody?

Because if Finn finds out that Brodster is Rachel's baby daddy, he's going to be devastated. In fact, we can totally see him having a studly breakdown all over Rachel's apartment, and then unleashing his rage during a sing-off with Brody.

We're thinking something manly-yet-catchy, like Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean." Either that or Finn can wander around Central Park singing a tragic accapella version of "All By Myself" while his hair flows in the wind.

What do you think will happen in Finn and Brody's scene? Sound off in the comments and dish your wildest theories! Basically, the comments are your own personal fan fiction. Go forth and fanfic. We’re already expecting great things.

Source: Dean Geyer on Twitter