What Is Emily Maynard’s Number One Dating Tip for Single Moms?
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The Bachelorette

What Is Emily Maynard’s Number One Dating Tip for Single Moms?

Bachelorette Emily Maynard is currently single and more than ready to mingle, but this gal is far from lonely. Emily lives with her adorable daughter, Josephine Riddick "Ricki" Hendrick, in Charlotte, North Carolina and together the two take on the world. But although Emily's number one priority is raising the Rickster, she somehow manages to find time for dating. And lucky for single moms everywhere, Em is finally sharing her best tips for juggling love and little ones!

"At the end of the day, I’m so tired after I put Ricki to bed that the last thing I want to do is get dressed up and go sit at a dinner and make small talk," Emily tells The Huffington Post. "But you really have to force yourself to do it, because the man of your dreams is not going to come randomly sit on your couch with you while you watch another episode of 'The Real Housewives.'"

Um, first of all Emily is our new spirit animal. Anyone who watches The Real Housewives is immediately in our inner circle. But seriously — how inspired are you by this gal's motivation to find the man of her dreams?! She's a mommy mascot to all single parents looking for love, and hopefully she'll find Mr. Right sometime soon.

We hear Chris Harrison is single, just saying...

Source: The Huffington Post