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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Did Porsha Stewart Overreact During the Housewives’ Trip to Vegas?

Porsha Stewart loves her husband, Kordell, and does everything she can to please him and fulfill her “wife duties.” But during the Housewives’ trip to Las Vegas in the March 10 episode, trying to keep her man happy ended up keeping her from a fun night on the town.

While Porsha was happy that her husband “let” her go on the trip at all, she refused to go out with the ladies once she discovered that the Crazy Horse was a strip club — not a burlesque house as she was initially “told,” or in her words, “lied to” — even though she was already dressed up and in the limo with them!

Though we understand that Porsha doesn’t want to disappoint her husband, it’s kind of unspoken that the H’wives would get into trouble in Sin City. And while she wasn’t told the whole truth by the gang, the name “Crazy Horse” also implies that it isn’t a classy burlesque act...

Plus, later on in the episode, Kordell was more reasonable than expected on the phone, telling her to have a good time with her pals!

Do you think that Porsha overreacted, or are you glad she stood her ground and skipped out on the crazy strip club night? Vote below!

03.11.2013 / 06:55 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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