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Top 10 Revenge Quotes From Season 2, Episode 15, “Retribution”: “The Tides Have a Mind of Their Own”

Our favorite Revengers poured out some Cristal for their fallen home girl, Amanda Clarke, this week, and guys? Everyone was so profound, including Conrad and Daniel Grayson, who basically couldn't stop speaking in pseudo-Shakespearean limericks. We've rounded up the top 10 quotes from the episode for you to look back on, and feel free to enjoy this list with a glass of Franzia. Which we assume was Mandy's favorite boxed drink.

10. Daniel grows a conscience: "Exactly how much blood are you two comfortable with? Because I just hit my limit."
Daniel would make the worst vampire ever.

9. Aiden makes Daniel an offer: "I want another bite of the apple."
Well, this is weird.

8. Charlotte remembers her grandma's corpse: "She was the only dead body I'd ever seen. And she was so beautiful."
Wait, no, this is weird.

7. Nolan side-eyes Aiden: "Why do I get the feeling that this isn’t what Takeda had in mind when he handed you your revenge degrees?"
Please, Takeda's too busy growing out his rat tail to care.

6. Victoria muses: "The tides have a mind of their own."
Clearly she's watched Revenge's CGI intro one too many times.

5. Nolan eyerolls at Daniel: "Control, alt, delete. Got it."
Remains nerdy while doing so.

4. Nolan complains about Danny Boy: "He threatened to break my digital kneecaps."
Break them with poetry, obviously.

3. Jack rejects Emily: "I don’t have time for this. I gotta bury my wife in an hour."
He should probably name his next boat "Feelings."

2. Conrad dishes some words of wisdom: "Tragedy has a way of bringing out our better angels."
So that's where Daniel got his poetic genes from....

1. Emily gives a eulogy: "Death is a thief."
Much like Declan during that unfortunate lobster poaching phase.

What did you think of the quotes from last night’s episode? Tell us below!

03.11.2013 / 07:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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