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The Bachelor

Why Is This the Most Popular Bachelor Season in Years? (POLL)

You’re loving The Bachelor this season — or at least, the show’s ratings seem to imply you do! As trumpeted by yesterday’s New York Times article, this season, the show’s seventeenth, has attracted more viewers than any other season in recent years.

And the credit could go to hunky born-again virgin Sean Lowe.

“It just takes the right gal or guy to all of a sudden regalvanize the audience,” says creator Mike Fleiss.

But the Times reporters also posit a few other theories, one of which is that the show’s recent infusion of Twitter interactivity is drawing a younger audience who is watching live instead of on DVR — regardless of whether they do so out of love or hate.

“There are those who watch it ironically and those who watch it as the most romanticized wish fulfillment imaginable,” Peter Roth, president of Warner Brothers Television, muses. “All of those brokenhearted cynics are really rooting for this to work.”

Another reason, of course, could be the, uh, eccentric cast of characters this season, most notably Tierra LiCausi.

“Nobody wrote that or told her to talk about her dad saying ‘You have a sparkle, baby,’” asserts Mike Fleiss. “[Oscar-winning Social Network screenwriter] Aaron Sorkin couldn’t come up with that, and he’s a genius.”

But what do you think, readers? Cast a vote for your favorite theory in our poll below!

Source: The New York Times

All of the above!

Uh, I'm not watching...

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