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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013 Finale: Catherine Giudici Faceplants Into a Pit of Ice

How adorable was Catherine Giudici during The Bachelor Season 17 “After The Final Rose” special? Sean Lowe's bride-to-be looked picture perfect in a black lace mini-dress, and she and Sean were all over each other. Sob, their love is so pure!

Things between this hot couple got all kinds of steamy (after all, we know how much Sean loves making out in front of a live audience of sexually frustrated ladies), and Catherine got so heated up that she had to cool off backstage.

"It's hot backstage," Catherine tweeted, along with a picture of herself face planting into a closet full of bagged ice.

Um, we all know what's really going on here. Catherine's clearly suffering from a bout of jealousy stemming from the fact she didn't get to risk hypothermia for Sean during the Polar Plunge. As a result girlfriend seems determined to freeze off her limbs in the name of love. Don't do it, Catherine. Think of your toes! Think of Tierra's eyebrow!

In other news, we heart Catherine's navy blue Diane von Furstenberg dress! Dana Weiss of our favorite Possessionista fashion blog tracked it down. Pick it up at Bloomingdales for a mere $325!

Source: Twitter, Possessionista