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The Bachelor

Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Make It Twitter Official!

If you thought Bachelor Sean Lowe and his bride-to-be, Catherine Giudici, couldn't be more adorable, think again. These two are finally out of the closet (they were trapped there with R. Kelly), and they're ready to take their love connection public! First on the list? Matching Twitter backgrounds, duh.

Sean has been rocking a hilarious background of himself wearing glasses and a turtleneck surrounded by dogs (yes, it's amazing), and now Catherine's background officially matches! But the best part? Sean and Catherine photoshopped her picture into the image, so she and her man are side-by-side mega-nerds! Oh, and turns out Catherine (who's a graphic designer) is responsible for this masterpiece.

"And just so you know, it was @clmgiudici who designed my twitter background a couple of months [ago]," Sean tweeted on March 12th. "Now she's in the fam!"

Um, if Sean's stint on Dancing With The Stars doesn't work out, this dude and his future wifey definitely have a future on TBS' groundbreaking reality series King of the Nerds. All they'd have to do is flash this Twitter background at people, break out some Elvish, and they'd win hands down.

Source: Twitter