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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison ‘s Bachelor Blog: Sean Is Madly in Love With Catherine

Bachelor Nation witnessed the beginning of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s engaged life together last night (March 11), and just like Sean himself, host Chris Harrison took to the web this morning to share his finale musings, writing a post for Entertainment Weekly.

After raving about the beauty and splendor of Thailand, the setting for the finale, Chris takes an opportunity to commiserate with — and applaud — runner-up Lindsay Yenter.

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"I always have a tough time on proposal day because I know the first person to arrive is about to be hurt and is hoping for something that’s just not going to happen," Chris writes. "When Lindsay arrived and got out of the car on that final day, I knew it was going to be brutal … I really have to give it to her — Lindsay handled the situation with class and left with dignity.

"Lindsay was obviously blindsided by this, and as you saw last night, even though she’s doing great, there are still raw emotions and hurt feelings.

He then compared Sean’s breakup with Lindsay to that of AshLee, musing on the "rules" of such let-downs. "It kind of reminded me of when AshLee left without saying a word and Sean was upset because that took away his moment to explain. He wanted her to hear his side of the story."

Chris also speculates why Sean’s decision was so hard. "In a strange way, I think Sean may have done too good of a job this season," he theorizes. "I can’t remember a time where the Bachelor has had such a strong connection with both of the final two women."

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And then to the fun part! "When Catherine arrived, she was beaming," Chris writes. "She couldn’t stop smiling. She was very nervous but she too arrived thinking she was about to receive a beautiful proposal. I thought the proposal was fantastic. Sean did a great job of finally telling Catherine all the things he’s wanted to say the last couple weeks."

And as for the time after the cameras stopped rolling in Thailand?

"I’ve talked to Sean several times over the past few months while he and Catherine continued to grow their relationship in private and it has been nothing but fantastic. Every time he talked of her it was with love and adoration."

And come May, we’ll be swept into a whole new romance-in-the-making with recently-announced Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock.

"There were several women from this last season who would have made a fantastic Bachelorette, but in every conversation we had, Des kept rising to the top of that list. She really is what the show was built on, a true Cinderella story. She is that girl next door and that diamond in the rough, and she is ready for her moment."