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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dana Wilkey Returns to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

A familiar face popped up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3, Episode 17, “No Business Like Clothes Business”: Pam!

Yes, Dana Wilkey turned up to rehash her breakup with fiancé/baby daddy John Flynn. Unfortunately, Taylor Armstrong simply watched her pal was suck down the cocktails instead of articulating much about her ex. However, Dana did reveal that Brandi Glanville was right.

Back in Season 2, Brandi joked that John was gone so much because he was cheating on Dana. Understandably, Dana got upset. Now she admits to Taylor that the former model was correct about her ex.

Last June, Dana took her relationship problems to Twitter, writing, “did you know my man cheated, left me and I'm moving to Malibu … I am a #womenscourned and I still believe in love. #takethatyoua**hole #iknowyoumonitormytwitter." She’s since moved on to a millionare.

“Are you friends with Brandi now?” Dana asks Taylor in the episode. “Because I hate that b***h." Last year, Dana and Brandi had quite a few Twitter feuds. Taylor told her friend that she’s trying to work on their relationship.

“Everyone in the cast got along fine with Dana,” a show insider told Wetpaint Entertainment of her departure from the show, “but she never developed her own storyline. And instead of creating a lot of drama like Brandi did, she was just kind of there.”

Clearly we just hadn’t seen the feisty side of Dana!