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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole Reunites With Pauly D in Atlantic City! (PHOTOS)

Deena Nicole is certainly a very social girl, so it may come as a surprise to know that after Jersey Shore ended, she hasn’t spoken to most of the roomies. In a an exclusive chat with Wetpaint Entertainment, Deena revealed that aside from her meatball, Snooki, she’s mostly been doing her own thing, which includes spending plenty of quality time with her boyfriend, Chris, of course.

But as planned, Deena made a special trip out to see one of her Shore BFFs on March 9. Who did she hang out with after a long wait?

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Why, Pauly D, of course! Deena, her boyfriend, and gal pal Mallory ventured over to Atlantic City to show support for Pauly at his recent DJ gig. “Me and @djpaulyd #roomies,” she captioned one pic, and then immediately posted another, writing, “A couple of my fav people.” Aww!

The former roomies were all smiles in their long-awaited pic together, with Deena looking ravishing, and Pauly looking cute in his signature (yet toned down) blowout and a T-shirt, of course. We wonder what they talked about, as we’re sure they had plenty to catch up on since the reunion.

Are you surprised that Deena hasn’t spoken to most of the other castmates, including her other roommate, Vinny? Tell us below!