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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans Tells Kieffer Delp She Wants Breast Implants!

Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 4, Episode 4 (March 11, 2013)

Credit: MTV    

Please break out your signature green hoodie, light some incense, and prison-tattoo a weed leaf on your upper inner thigh. Kieffer Delp has emerged from the dank cave where he was living, and he and Jenelle Evans are officially back together!

Their love is heavenly, much like Kieffer's body odor, and guys? Kieffer's extremely hirsute arms are ready to comfort Jenelle as she goes through surgery. That's right, our girl is being operated on. By which we mean she's getting a boob job, because apparently it's really embarrassing for her to wander the beaches of North Carolina without cleavage.

As you might expect, Jenelle's mom isn't on board with her big plan, but Kieffer is 100 percent for Jenelle's enhanced lady lumps — although he's an equal opportunity boob-lover. In fact, he offers up the beautiful musing, "There's advances in technology that enables chicks to make their tits bigger if they're self-conscious about their appearance, so more power to you. I like them little tits, they're my friends." Um, no words for these words.

In other news, Jenelle has a new job "selling advertising" online (umm … we're so worried), and she's started smoking the ganja again (um, we're even more worried). And in other other news, Kieffer spends this entire episode speaking about himself in the third person. Our fave? "Did you miss Kieffer?"


03.12.2013 / 09:31 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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