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Teen Mom

Jo Rivera and His New Girlfriend Vee Complain About Kailyn!

During Teen Mom 2 Season 4, Episode 4 on March 11, Kailyn Lowry takes her baby daddy Jo Rivera to court (again!) in an attempt to get their custody agreement changed. Kailyn wants more time with baby Isaac on the weekends, mostly because she doesn't trust Jo's new girlfriend Vee. So how does Jo feel about it all? In this bonus clip, he sits down with Vee and opens up about the situation.

"I'm blind to what it's about," he tells Vee. "She doesn't want to talk face-to-face. She just wants to go to the courtroom and let them decide. She makes a big deal out of everything."

Vee quickly consoles Jo, telling her man that Kail's being unfair. Do you guys agree? Or does Kailyn have every right to drag Jo back to court? Tell us below, Teen Mom 2 fans!