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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Encounters Walter Jackson at Kandi Burruss’s Party! (VIDEO)

Kenya Moore was none too pleased when the ladies mentioned her ex, Walter Jackson, during their trip to L.A., so she’s positively irate in this sneak peek when Kandi Burruss warns her that he’s at her housewarming party... with a new girlfriend!

We admit that Kenya can be a bit cray sometimes, but since her hatred of Walter is well-known amongst the ladies, we’re kinda surprised that they expected her to be so cool with his presence — especially since he has a new lady on his arm!

However, Cynthia Bailey knows what’s up, telling the Bravo cameras “everything about this situation is making me uncomfortable,” and making sure to steer Kenya away from her former flame before, as Kandi states, she “twirls out of control.”

But when Kandi pulls the beauty queen aside and tells her Walter is near her, she flips out, declaring, “I don’t have my fing security with me!”

Whoa girl, calm down! To see Kenya’s complete freakout, watch the sneak peek below, and then share your thoughts!