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New Pill Promises to Permanently Prevent Gray Hair

Gray hair hits both men and women anytime, anywhere, and yes, we’re terrified for that first silver strand ourselves! Luckily, good things come to those who wait, and Rise-n-Shine, LLC, just released “Go Away Gray,” a pill that prevents gray hair from ever growing in. Are you psyched, or are you psyched?

President of Rise-N-Shine, LLC, and Founder of "Go Away Gray" Cathy Beggan says the way this new “cure” works is as simple as carrying a common enzyme known as Catalase back into your body. Cathy explains that our bodies have a natural production of hydrogen peroxide, which is normally broken down by the enzyme, but as we get older, our enzyme production slows or stops, which allows the hydrogen peroxide to bleach our hair from the inside out. By providing a constant supply of Catalase, our bodies will never have to fight against our own hair color again!

This sounds too good to be true, but Beth Skelly, a fan of the new “Go Away Gray,” says that after just 6 weeks of taking the pills twice a day, she is now a believer. "I'd go to the mirror, I'd look, and I'd say, "Wow the grays are NOT coming in. Color is coming back. Seeing is believing. When people see me they say, 'you're 53?'"

The best part? “It's absolutely 100 percent safe,” Cathy says.

We’re definitely intrigued by this new find, but we worry about our grandmother’s jet black roots showing through her current hair. Could she rock her Nicki Minaj moment?

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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03.12.2013 / 04:22 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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