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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 16 Questions: How Will Snow Deal With Cora’s Death?

We love all of Once Upon a Time’s many, many mysteries, but sometimes it seems like each episode introduces more questions than answers. To that end, we’ve tackled the 10 biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to make sense of everything that happened.

Here are 10 questions from Season 2, Episode 16: “The Miller’s Daughter.”

1. Would Cora’s regular heart have been enough to fix her?
We never thought we’d be bummed about Cora’s death, but it was quite emotional to see her dying in her daughter’s arms. (Sob!) Even sadder was the fact that Cora seemed to change as soon as she got her heart, so perhaps Snow could have stopped Cora by just giving the regular heart to Regina and not a poisoned one. Oh, well.

2. What will Regina do to retaliate?
We’ve liked seeing Regina do her best to be Mrs. Nice Queen this season, but let’s face it Regina is the most fun to watch when she’s getting down with her bad self. The only question now is how far she’ll go to get revenge on Snow. Will she try to kill Snow herself or will she call up some other evil doers, like perhaps King George? Long story short: Brace yourself, Snow.

3. Will we now get a wild Hook-Gold showdown?
One more pleasant side effect to Gold’s sudden recovery? We may finally get the memorable battle between him and Hook we’ve been waiting for. Hook sneaking up on Gold in the subway was kind of a cop-out, so we’re hoping Hook and Gold’s next confrontation is more of the epic variety.

4. When will Belle finally regain her memories?
Gold had two moments this week that were freakin’ awesome, between his oh-so-adorable phone chat with Belle, followed by his hand-in-hand connection to Neal. So will Neal and Bae continue to get closer or will that take a while? And how soon will Belle finally remember what a swell guy Gold was around her? We need more Rumbelle in our lives!

5. Was Snow justified in killing Cora?
Regina freaks out at Snow for Cora’s death, and her rage is understandable. But let’s not forget that Cora killed Snow’s mom and Regina killed Snow’s dad. So sure, perhaps we’d have rather seen Regina or Snow confront Cora head-on rather than Snow tricking Regina into delivering the bad heart but we can understand why Snow was a tad resentful.

Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

6. How will Snow deal with the guilt of Cora’s death?
There’s a reason why “an eye for an eye” isn’t always the best policy (and no, saying “an eye for an eye” wasn’t meant as a diss to the seer with missing eyes from a few episodes back). In this case, Snow may have thought she was right to kill Cora, but the guilt is definitely going to haunt her. We wonder how long it will take before she forgives herself for her actions.

7. Wait so Cora turned evil because, uh, she got tripped?
Rumple has done (more than) his share of not-so-friendly things, but we forgive him since he’s endured so much pain in his life. But what pain did Cora endure to make her the royal rhymes-with-pitch that she became? She dropped some flour and people thought it was funny? Okay, Cora feels disgraced overall, but c’mon, Cora: Suck it up.

8. When did Eva change?
Eva reprimands her daughter Snow last week for giving Johanna lip about being beneath them. Thus, it’s startling to see Eva was the one to pick on the little guy when she trips Cora in this week’s flashback. We wonder if we’ll see what makes Eva later change into a benevolent, Bill Gates-esque rich person — or if we’re just to assume it was the result of natural maturity.

9. Why did Cora never ascend to the throne?
Cora mentions to Rumple in the flashback that she’s fifth in line for the throne, so you’d think she would have eventually “pulled a Cora” (yes, we’re coining this phrase) by killing the right people to make her way to the top. Since this didn’t happen, we’re wondering if we’ll find out that perhaps she and Henry fell out of favor with the royals.

10. Will Tamara come to Storybrooke?
Neal and Emma discuss his fiancée Tamara, as Emma says she’s not bothered that he’s about to tie the knot. (Emma, you’re such a liar!) We have to assume Tamara will make her way to Storybrooke soon — which we’re hoping will happen because we can’t wait to find out what her possible second identity might be. Have we perhaps met Wendy Darling?

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