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Jersey Shore

Pauly D Reveals That He’d Love to Settle Down One Day! (VIDEO)

Our favorite guido DJ Pauly D has never had a shortage of lovely ladies to keep him company. He and his “MVP” buddies made it their mission to find and hook up with different women almost every night for years on Jersey Shore. Even though the boys had a few love interests throughout the show that went beyond one night, we couldn’t help but wonder if they’d ever settle down for a season.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when Pauly released his single “Back to Love” and the song wasn’t about partying or beating up the beat (though you can definitely dance to it!). In a recent interview, Pauly said that he wanted to make music that was unexpected, yet completely relatable.

In honor of the DJ’s ode to love, omg! Insider quizzed him on all things love and romance. Pauly joked that he falls in love “every night” and falls out of love in the morning, and that the most romantic thing he’s ever done is “take a girl to the nightclub.” Oh, Pauly.

On a more serious note, when asked if he’d ever settled down, the handsome guido revealed, “Of course. There’s a lot of amazing things going on right now and I don’t really have that person to share all that stuff with, so one day I’d love to have that person.” Aww!

Are you surprised by Pauly’s answer? Do you think he’ll ever settle down? Sound off below!

Source: omg! Insider