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The Kardashians

Pregnant Kim Kardashian vs. Amber Rose — Baby Bump Off!

Pregnant Kim Kardashian’s baby bump is coming along nicely, but she she’s got a lot of pregnancy left to look forward to! She and Kanye West aren’t expecting their first baby until July, so they could learn a lot from parents who have been down this road already.

That’s why, in this edition of Bump Off, Kimmy and her baby-to-be are going up against brand new mom (and former Kanye West girlfriend) Amber Rose! Amber and her fiancé, rapper Wiz Khalifa, just welcomed their first baby, Sebastian "The Bash" Taylor Thomaz, on February 21.

Amber and Wiz announced their pregnancy on September 6, 2012, on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards, though Amber’s stretch lace-clad bump left little question about her condition! Then, in mid-October, Amber tweeted this photo of her belly at 21 weeks, which is close to where Kim is in her pregnancy at the moment (or, as close as we can guess without knowing her due date, which she and Kanye aren’t sharing).

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Amber was clearly much more forthcoming with the baby bump photos than Kim has been, but judging from this photo and recent pics of Kim, Amber’s bump had hers beat by a mile!

Of course, every woman’s pregnancy progresses differently, but in terms of circumference it looks like Amber was definitely ahead of Kim in the belly race, week for week.

That being said, the very different pregnancy fashions these women chose make it hard to tell. Amber was dressing to flaunt her bump to the fullest, while Kim is choosing much more structured looks, and says she is still working on covering up her pregnancy weight.

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In fact, other than their very public announcements of their good news, these women seem to be handling their pregnancies very differently in general.

Amber tweeted up a storm of belly pics, and Kim has been pretty tight-lipped about the whole scenario. Amber also spilled the gender secret on Twitter late last October, while Kim and Kanye are keeping that to themselves.

Only time will tell how Kim chooses to handle the final months of her pregnancy, but if the pattern holds she won’t be following Amber’s birth plan. And really, we can’t imagine Kim having a home birth, or requesting a drink and a smoke immediately after bringing her little one into the world. And honestly, can you?