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Revenge Season 2: Will Jack Porter Forgive Emily Thorne?

Revenge Season 2, Episode 15, “Retribution,” saw a new, darker side to Jack Porter. The wayward seaman is awake and hellbent on getting some answers and enacting some vengeance of his own.

Homeboy just lost his bride and baby mama, Amanda Clarke, and he blames Conrad Grayson. But instead of having yet another shouting match with the Grayson Manor patriarch, Jack has a much more revengey plan.

He befriends Conrad, thanking him for paying his hospital bills and for his generosity, and in return, plans to destroy the man he believes to be responsible for his own suffering.

But Connie isn’t the only Hamptonite on Jack’s list. After he uncovers Mandy’s mysterious duffle bag, he finds out she went to juvie with one Emily Thorne.

When Jack confronts the Revenge Queen, she tries to defend herself telling him that keeping this secret was a means of self preservation. But the floppy-haired barkeep isn’t buying it.

And though Jack hasn’t uncovered the truth behind Emily’s identity yet, we’re not sure how long this latest fit of rage will last. And if Jack and Ems are on bad terms, how are they ever supposed to be together the way destiny intended?

Maybe it’s a bit too soon to be planning their wedding since Jack’s last wedding was less than a week ago, but we can’t say we aren’t envisioning a future between the two of them.

As Sammy the Dog’s rotting corpse can attest, their passion is undeniable and pure. So what are they waiting for?

Do you think Jack will ever be able to forgive Ems? Tell us below!

03.12.2013 / 02:32 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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