Sean Lowe: I Wouldn’t Do The Bachelor Again
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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe: I Wouldn’t Do The Bachelor Again

Sean Lowe met the love of his life on The Bachelor (her identity will be revealed during tonight's Season 17 finale at 8pm on ABC!), but the experience was far from easy. In fact, Sean says he would never do it again!

"It's something I wouldn't trade for a million dollars, but I wouldn't do it again," he tells PopSugar. "On The Bachelorette, I was always pretty confident in the relationship that I had with Emily [Maynard], so I wasn't nervous about the rose ceremonies, and when I wasn't with Emily, I was just hanging out with the guys. Having a good time, barbecuing by the pool, that kinda thing. This go around I had no one to lean on."

Sean Lowe: I Wouldn’t Do The Bachelor Again
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Uh oh, guys. Sounds like Sean was lonely. Clearly, hours of being forced to shower naked while cameramen filmed him has taken a toll on boyfriend's sanity. Also, he misses all his brosefs from The Bachelorette. "I can't talk to the guys and I'm on this island by myself," Sean continues while we cry silently into our rose-shaped wine glasses. "It makes things a lot tougher and it's also very physically demanding."

Yeah, we can imagine that making out with upwards of 20 girls in one night might be exhausting on one's tongue, not to mention the fact that Sean was propelling down mountains every other day. No wonder this stud was tired!

Of course, Sean will never have the opportunity to sign up for The Bachelor again because we're 100% convinced that he found the woman of his dreams this time 'round! Are you? Find out whether Sean picked Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter!