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The Bachelor

Why Can’t Bachelor Sean Lowe Say “I Love You” Back?

Sean Lowe embarked on a beautiful love journey during Season 17 of The Bachelor, and despite his initial hesitancy about finding a wife on national television, dude managed to fall in love with, like, ten women. All at the same time. The catch? Sean wasn't allowed to say "I love you," so whenever his ladies declared their feelings, he had to come up with creative ways to drop the L-word, or its red-headed step-children, “you’re great.” Which brings us to Sean's catch phrase of the season: "I'm crazy about you."

"When you can't say 'I love you,' you have to come up with other things, and apparently the only thing I could come up with is, 'I'm crazy about you,' " he tells The Hollywood Reporter. Why can’t he say “I love you,” you might ask? Remember what happened with AshLee at “Women Tell All”? Triple that, and add a billion more consequences if all the girls he may have felt feelings for were to come back and relay his words. Crazy.

Poor Sean. Forming sentences isn't exactly his forte, and it was just too much for him to come up with more than one response for "I love you." But we would love to give him an extra big gold star for that time he tried out, "I love that you feel that way."

Also, despite the fact that we're hopelessly infatuated with Sean, we're thinking he could have shortened "I'm crazy about you" to just "I'm crazy." Need we remind you that this is the Bachelor who shoved his girlfriends off buildings, off mountains, down glaciers, and out of boats? All we're saying is, his idea of romance is massaging the semi-frozen toes of hypothermia victims, so...

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

03.12.2013 / 06:41 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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