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The Bachelor

Why Catherine Giudici Is the Right Girl for Sean Lowe

Catherine Giudici stole Sean Lowe's heart on The Bachelor, and he finally got down on one knee and popped the question to her during Season 17's emotional finale! There's no doubt that Sean had a lot of A+ ladies to choose from, but we're thrilled that he picked Catherine — she's perfect for him! Having doubts? Check out this list of five reasons Chatty Cathy is a good fit for our boy Sean!

1. She's Religious
As we all know, Jesus is Sean's homeboy. They are basically BFFs forever and wear friendship crucifix necklaces, which is the Christian version of a Yin Yang. It's vital that Sean forms a connection to a deeply religious lady (the Mary Magdalene to his Jesus, if you will), and the good news? Catherine goes to church on the regular and is like this (fingers crossed) with the man upstairs!

2. She's Goofy
Sean is a total prankster (oh, the hijinks!) and loves nothing more than goofing around with his gal pals. This dude had tons of fun with all the ladies in his harem, but Catherine definitely rubbed his funny bone the hardest.

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3. She's a Vegan But Loves the Beef
This title really speaks for itself. At first we were worried that Catherine's vegan lifestyle would come between her and Sean (after all, this dude subsists on armadillo meat), but fear not. Girlfriend gets her protein intake from Sean's beefy biceps. All is right with the world.

4. She's Intelligent
Um, in case you weren't aware, Sean is a handbag designer. And he's a real estate salesman, but whatever. All that really matters is that he designs ladies purses and he takes it super seriously, so duh — he loves himself a smart, driven lady who knows how to talk in full sentences. Sean has declared his love for Catherine's "intelligence" multiple times, and it looks like he's super turned on by the fact that she read and write!

5. She's a Family Girl
Catherine comes from a huge family of sister friends who share traveling pants and say "LYLAS" all day, and Sean is so inspired. This southern gent has always wanted a big family full of miniature Lowes who ride around on lawnmowers (or whatever people do in Texas), and it's important that Catherine comes from a tight-knit fam so she understands his values. Also, it's important that Catherine can produce an heir for Sean, but first he'll have to be devirginized.

Do you think Catherine is the right lady for Sean? Sound off below!