Why Does Scott Disick Call Himself Lord Disick?
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Why Does Scott Disick Call Himself Lord Disick?

We may call Scott Disick,Kourtney Kardashians boyfriend,” but he calls himself, “Lord Disick.”

Fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami have most certainly heard Scott referring to himself both in the third person and as a Lord, because he does it constantly. We can’t in good conscience call it a nickname, because Scott gave the name to himself. Even so, where does this regal moniker come from? Why does Scott call himself Lord Disick?

Probably because he is, in fact, a Lord! Yes, really!

Before you get too impressed, you should know that he purchased the title.

Scott got obsessed with royalty on a trip to London with Kim and Rob Kardashian last year, and decided that there had to be a way for him to earn a place in the aristocracy. After some research, Scott took the route of countless wedding officiants and went online to buy his Lord-ship, complete with “authentic” knighting ceremony! Who knew?

We have to hand it to Scott for having the gall to buy his way into a title, even if he’s hardly displayed noble behavior since.

Luckily, from what we've seen he’s stopped referring to people as peasants, underlings, and townspeople, but we’re sure his Lord-ly cape is just waiting in a closet somewhere, ready to re-emerge. Maybe he’ll break it out to go with the custom “LD” eye patches Kourtney had made for him? It's only a matter of time.

But now for our real question: What’s the going rate for a lordship these days, anyway? It sounds like they can cost anywhere from £18.95 to £995, but apparently no matter what you pay, you’re still not a real noble. Sorry, Scotty!

Source: Thisismoney.co.uk

03.12.2013 / 01:47 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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