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American Idol

American Idol Spoilers: Find Out Which Alums May Be On Tonight’s Show!

It might as well be alumni week on American Idol 2013. As we all know, Phillip Phillips will be revisiting the Idol stage on Thursday to perform his new single, “Gone, Gone, Gone”. According to MJs Big Blog, however, he may not be the only alum to grace the Idol stage.

It took a bit of work and some powers of deduction on MJs part, but it seems as though something is brewing between Ace Young, Diana DeGarmo, Michael Johns, and Pia Toscano.

First, Ace tweeted to Diana, Michael, and Pia, “Awwwe YEAH! We are excited to see you guys!” Then, Ace’s soon-to-be-wife, Diana, tweeted, “Having fear flashbacks of the scary grates on the @Americanidol stage... Hope I dont trip tomorrow... LOL. Fingers crossed! #IdolMemories.

So just what is this mystery all about anyway? MJ had an intriguing thought. As she explained, “You may or may not know that a microphone that will be used in tomorrow’s broadcast has been on an Olympic-style cross country journey–at times aided by Idol alums in their local cities. It lands at its final destination tomorrow, and I’ll bet Pia, Michael, Ace and Diana have something to do with that.”

What do you think -- could MJ be right? Expanding a variety of seasons, that sure is a mish-mosh of American Idol alums. We can’t wait to see what they’re up to!

Source: MJs Big Blog